About us


We have created more than just a place to stay; A22 is the place to be — it embodies a prerogative for exceptional living. By that, we don’t mean flashy splendour and extravagant décor; the A22 philosophy is about being genuine in every detail. And this is one thing we can swear by — the only relationships that matter are authentic ones. Bonds of this kind can’t be bought, and they only get better with time.


Tailors Of Experience

At A22 our aim is simple — to tailor an extraordinary experience for your stay. And the more often we meet, the stronger our bond grows, and the more pinpointed our service becomes. Is there a particular brand of water that you enjoy? A car service you like? A particular number of ice cubes you like to have in your drink? Or a table in our restaurant you favour? We will take care of it all. At A22 we understand your lifestyle and make sure that nothing ever limits your experience.


Redefining the Boutique Hotel

A22 has rooms, each with its own unique character, bold interior design, comfortable layout and high-quality modern fittings. Every room features a state-of-the-art sound system, allowing you to infuse the space with your own personal vibe. Breakfast a la carte can be served whenever you like.

The forty-seater open-kitchen fusion restaurant and cocktail bar is perfect for quiet conversations and tête-à-tête celebratory events, and will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Design Concept

Created by a team of designers who treat each project as a unique piece of art, A22’s design concept is all about orchestrating a mood of quiet chic. Soothing dark colours and rich textures set the atmosphere. The attention to detail and respect for the space will immediately make you feel at ease. Stemming from the spirit of the location and its historical heritage, and the vision of the hotel’s creators, the design expresses our willingness and ability to surprise and exceed your expectations.

A Place with a Legacy

We are located in Riga’s embassy district, on the small, intimate Vašingtona laukums (“Washington Square”), and bordering Viesturdārzs, a lush city park. The neighbourhood is acclaimed for its exceptional architecture — it is a place where you can feel the quiet chic of the beginning of the 20th century. In 1939, the hotel building was visited by John F. Kennedy — at the time the building hosted the US embassy. Then a young Harvard student interested in foreign affairs, he was taking a summer trip through Europe and the USSR.

The whole mansard floor was added to the building so that the future president of the US would have a comfortable stay. Some original pieces of the interior, like parquet floors and Art Nouveau ceiling ornaments, have been carefully preserved and integrated into A22’s vibrant interior.

Riga’s embassy district (known locally as “the Quiet Centre”) is a pleasant walk or a short taxi drive away from the city’s main shopping streets and Art Nouveau gems, as well as from Riga Old Town.

Riga will immerse you in its timeless culture. Just take a step outside of the hotel and you will be immediately surrounded by one of the most extraordinary architectural movement of 19th century — Art Nouveau. More than a third of Riga Quiet Centre buildings represent this style, and most of them are designed and built by Latvian architects. Examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Riga even transcend most of the world known sites in such cities as Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. With its representation of completely unbroken freedom of mind, Art Nouveau is not like any other style. Light, elegant and somewhat fantastic elements are combined with dynamic, fluid lines and geometrical ornaments create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere that is definitely worth a visit.